Building a Community

After extensive research focusing on the crafting community, lotus823 created a comprehensive Influencer Marketing strategy that addressed ideal influencer demographics, vetting criteria, pitch strategy, and a timeline for implementation. lotus823 identified influencers who would be a good fit for oliso based on a range of parameters including social following, social engagement rates, blog topics, and unique visitors per month for their websites/blogs.

The next part of the strategy centered around the development of creative pitches that would spark interest in the innovative iron among influencers. The goal of these pitches was to motivate the influencers to try the PRO TG1600 Smart Iron, available in eye-catching shades of pink or yellow. These efforts were designed to gain exposure and alignment with key media experts to establish brand credibility for oliso and present the top influencers as passionate brand advocates for crafting, sewing, quilting, cleaning, and DIY projects.

Expanding the Brand

lotus823 also focused its efforts on the use of social media and branded hashtags. Developing the hashtag, “#createwitholiso,” the brand encouraged influencers to include the tag in their social media posts, making oliso a more recognizable brand across the crafting community. In addition, in utilizing this hashtag, social media posts from influencers, their fans, and current oliso customers would be curated, creating a feed of unique content that showcased projects that used oliso products. While growing brand awareness, the hashtag also increased the possibility of positive engagement with consumers on social media.

To further grow brand awareness, lotus823 provided counsel and recommendations that would broaden the brand’s audience to reach a larger, more diverse group, which inevitably would make oliso products more accessible to the everyday consumer.


Within five months of implementing the influencer marketing strategy, oliso secured partnerships with 14 influencers, reaching 261,200 people. Additionally, oliso reached 296,136 Instagram users and 186,026 Facebook users through its engagement with the influencers.

Six of the influencers published a review of the Smart Iron with positive feedback. Four influencers hosted giveaway contests for their followers. As a result of the campaign, oliso reached 10,400 followers on its Instagram and 15,639 followers on Facebook. The influencer marketing strategy created by lotus823 exceeded goals and expectations. oliso garnered mutually beneficial relationships with influencers and increased its social media following substantially.

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Create your influencer marketing strategy!

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