Broad Street Dough Co. Strategy

In order to cultivate an experience for Broad Street Dough Co. customers and showcase the unique and exciting nature of the shop, lotus823 executed a three-part strategy comprised of online and on-site experiences to create a successful digital marketing plan.

Website and SEO

lotus823 developed and launched the brand’s first-ever website, enhancing search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, and allowing customers to easily find the store online. Mirroring Broad Street Dough Co.’s aesthetic and feel, lotus823 designed the website to feature a shop menu along with colorful, quality photos of specialty doughnuts, presenting the customer with a glimpse of what Broad Street Dough Co. has to offer prior to entering the store.

Digital Marketing Strategy

lotus823 executed a digital marketing plan to reach an expanded audience. This included a Twitter and Facebook strategy focusing on the creation of relatable, vibrant posts that would spark engagement among current and new fans. Content ranged from interactive polls to comical gifs.

Snapchat & Holiday Marketing

lotus823 capitalized on relevant holidays, such as National Doughnut Day, to increase awareness of the shop and grow business. To celebrate the day, lotus823 designed an on-site Snapchat filter that customers would be able to use when in the shop making purchases . The filter was intended to not only engage the customers in store, but help spread the word as users shared the filter on their Snapchat stories, exposing Broad Street Dough Co. to new audiences.

When I first met the crew at lotus823, I knew I needed help on managing social media for my growing business, but I never thought they would turn into so much more than that! They are rock stars and for me, key players as I grow my business. Their expertise, creativity and guidance have been a godsend.”

-Desdemona Dalia
Founder & Owner, Broad Street Dough Co.


As a result of these efforts, Broad Street Dough Co.’s website has seen an increase in traffic since 2016, including: 131,197 sessions, 301,758 page views, and 95,089 new users, which can be attributed to the optimization of social media, creative content, and an increase in media coverage.

Broad Street Dough Co.’s Facebook reached over 10,000 likes, and Twitter garnered over 1,000 followers. The unique and appetizing social media posts, such as Girl Scout Cookie-themed doughnuts during cookie season to Promposal doughnuts, were shared by many and reached the attention of users across the country. Due to these social media efforts, Broad Street Dough Co. has been covered in publications such as Buzzfeed, Glamour, Bustle, Refinery29, Thrillist, and Cosmopolitan, among others.


Facebook Likes Increase


Twitter Follower Increase

2017 Website Visits

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