Pet Industry Marketing

Integrated Marketing Services for the Pet Industry

Our passion for the pet industry is palpable in our company culture, with our very own office dog overseeing day-to-day activities, ensuring an animal-friendly environment, and guaranteeing incomparable work through integrated marketing efforts on behalf of pet business moguls such as Evercare and Nylabone. Being pet owners ourselves with a number of dogs, cats, fish, and a bunny shared amongst the lotus823 team, products that help our furry family members live life to the fullest are something near and dear to our hearts.

A Partnership for Every Step


Tradeshow Support

Regularly attending industry events such as Global Pet Expo and SuperZoo, we are able to offer our clients the best on-site support, garnering meaningful and relevant press appointments, as well as access to our superior networking resources. Additionally, with daily monitoring of media coverage, we remain continually aware of our client’s performance throughout and following shows.

Public Relations

To drive brand awareness and increase visibility for our clients’ pet products through conventional media channels such as broadcast, print, and online, lotus823 thoroughly engrains itself with each company’s offerings and target audiences to recognize the best media opportunities and industry influencers that will provide measurable results. With coverage in distinguished pet publications and partnerships with well-known dog and cat Instagram influencers, lotus823 can position your pet brand for guaranteed success.  

Digital Advertising

Reaching potential new consumers and engaging with current brand followers are key performance indicators we consider when building our digital strategies, as well as how we can drive significant traffic to a client’s website and ultimately, aid in the increase of sales. Implementing a number of tactics such as display advertising, boosting media coverage on social platforms, paid search, retargeting, and email marketing help us to take full advantage of the many benefits digital marketing provides in reaching relevant audiences interested in pet products.

“Working with lotus823 has exceeded our expectations in countless ways and we see our relationship with the agency as a core alliance for growing the Bradshaw Home brand. On multiple occasions, lotus823 has taken the initiative to provide our team with recommendations for improvement that go beyond the services they typically execute for us, continuing to support our efforts to grow our business every day. Having worked with the agency for a number of years, we are most proud of the awareness they have built for and the buzz they have generated around our evercare pet product line. Through their connections with press contacts and influencers in the pet space, we have taken significant steps toward achieving our goals for this brand.”

– Pippa Peterson, Brand Marketing Manager, Bradshaw Home

Pet Business Planning & Strategy Development

With the ever-expanding and booming pet industry, lotus823 knows how imperative it is to stay on top of current trends and advancements in order to provide the best recommendations and develop the strongest marketing strategies for our clients. Utilizing our wealth of knowledge and experience, we create robust omnichannel campaigns that leverage editorial opportunities, social media, search engine optimizations, paid search, experiential events, and display advertising.

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