Grow Your Brand with The Brand Amplifier

You’ve spent an endless amount of time creating your brand; making sure your design and voice properly represent who you are and what you can do for your customers. Now, you’re wondering, what’s next? How do brands grow? 

The Brand Amplifier package utilizes our proven methodologies to guarantee: 

  • More than 1 million impressions every quarter
  • 2-4 NEW influencer collaborations every quarter
  • An increase in sales
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How to Grow Your Brand

lotus823’s Brand Amplifier has the perfect combination of techniques to grow your brand, increase sales, and reach new audiences.

Public Relations

lotus823 has established hundreds of relationships with various media contacts. We have the connections to get your brand seen and reach new audiences.

Influencer Partnerships

Influencers rule the internet. Our network of 400+ influencers will help expand your brand awareness to your target audiences.

Affiliate Networks

Now that we’ve increased your reach, it’s time to increase your sales. Affiliate marketing will connect consumers directly to your product so they can buy now!

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